Having a Garage Sale?

The City of Lafayette recognizes that garage sales are a tradition - they're a good way to get rid of items you no longer need and to raise funds for worthy causes.  However, they must not be conducted at the expense or inconvenience of neighbors or the community at large.  Lafayette's garage sale ordinance and REQUIRED free permit are intended to guard against: 1) the conducting of such sales as a business enterprise; and 2) the creation of a public nuisance.

The City of Lafayette Municipal Code allows a person or household to hold up to four (4) garage sales within a calendar year, for the purpose of offering for sale personal property only.  The ordinance also regulates the placement of sale or directional signs.  The garage sale permit application can be obtained at City Hall, or you can print out the application below and submit it to City Hall.  The application also includes details of the adopted ordinance.  For more information, please call City Hall at 503-864-2451.