What if I can't pay my bill?

Current charges are due on the 20th of each month.  If your account is not paid by that date, a $5.00 late charge is assessed to your account on the next business day.  A past due reminder/shut off notice is printed and mailed within a week of your account becoming delinquent.  The shut off notice gives a "pay by" date, which is no earlier than 10 days from the mailing date.  On or about the 11th day after mailing the notice, if the past due balance has not been paid, a 48-hour door hanger is delivered to the customer's premises.  A $10 service charge is assessed to the customer's account when the door hanger is delivered.  If payment is not made within the 48 hours, your service may be shut-off and you may be required to pay the full balance and a $30.00 reconnect fee to have service restored.  You can always contact City Hall to make payment arrangements prior to your service being interrupted, in order to avoid shut-off.