Mayor Hilary Malcomson

Though born in southern California and raised in Tigard, Hilary now calls Lafayette her home and envisions growing old with her childhood friend and husband, Rodger here. She is also the mom to three young girls: Bella, Audrey, and Charlotte.


Hilary is very community driven and desires to use her education and experience in communication and administration to help strengthen the community of Lafayette. He goal is to inspire and ignite the desire of others to serve our town of Lafayette together.


Hilary likes to embrace life with humility and humor and excited to partner with the citizens of Lafayette as we make this town the best it can be.


She also serves as the board secretary for Wascher Elementary's PTA and was one of the founding creators of a local online/in person mom's group (Moms of Lafayette,) as well as the creator/organizer for the past few years of a town wide garage sale.

Mayor Malcomson's term ends on December 31, 2024.